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About Us


Pump source - implication: the source of water pump, that is, the source of the manufacturer, the goods are supplied directly, and the after-sales service is guaranteed. This name has the meaning of high quality and low price.

The pump source has experienced continuous upgrading and updating. It has communicated with more than 30 elites and experts in the industry. Combined with the actual situation, it is ready to come out after half a year. Pump source integrates more than 18000 pump models, covering coal, mining, petrochemical, oilfield, chemical, machinery, construction, agriculture, and other fields.

Pump source provides powerful business opportunity reminder function, so that you can get timely and effective feedback of every information.

Pump source is not only a pump inventory platform, but also your pump selection consultant. It has a variety of selection combinations, so that you can easily find the required products and professional data to assist your selection reference.

Pump source uses a variety of certification methods, so that your communication is more secure, transaction more assured.


Through a mobile phone manufacturer, one to many wechat can be bound to manage business opportunities, so that business opportunities can be timely fed back;

Through platform technology, suppliers can obtain potential business opportunities in real time;

Prevent suppliers from receiving harassment information through filtering system;

The real name management mode makes the platform more secure;

Six authentication methods make the information more authentic and effective;

Simple modular shop decoration makes shops different;

Convenient online communication mode and information reminder dual mode, so that there is no boundary between users and suppliers;

Pump source - welcome to settle in.