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Customer service department

Tel: 0717-6901988

E-mail: admin@pvfw.com

Company technology department

Tel: 0717-6901688

Marketing Department of the company

Tel: 0717-6901788

Business Department of the company

Tel: 0717-6922318

Company purchasing department

Tel: 0717-6922655

Corporate finance department

Tel: 0717-6922316

Billing information:

Taxpayer identification number: 91420500058114764x

Unified credit Code: 91420500058114764x

Account Name: Hubei Yuanrun Technology Co., Ltd

Bank of deposit: Yichang Huanbei sub branch of China Construction Bank Co., Ltd

Bank No.: 1055 2606 0438

Account No.: 4220 1433 0050 5020 2951

Address: No.79, development avenue, high tech Zone, Yichang City, Hubei Province

Tel: 0717-6901988